Somatically Informed Psychotherapy

The style of psychotherapy I offer is somatically informed, meaning that I work with information in the body to help guide the healing process. This is sometimes called a “bottom-up” approach, or “body-mind” psychotherapy. Although the process is still talk-based, the work involves bringing awareness to what’s happening inside the body so that we can better understand the full range of our experience. I work with couples and individuals, and have a background in wilderness therapy which can be a helpful addition to the therapy process. I also offer supervision for therapists seeking guidance in their work.

Photo by  Shelby Deeter  on  Unsplash

Couples therapy

Wherever you are in your relationship, whether you’ve been married for many years or are just starting out, marriage counseling and couples therapy offers the structure and insight you need to work through the dynamics that often lead to anger, resentment, and eventually divorce or separation.

Photo by  Wes Carpani  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wes Carpani on Unsplash

finding authenticity

Sometimes we feel our life is not our own. Psychotherapy offers the space and time to explore new ways of being so that we can stop living in the past, start living authentically, and engage with life in healthier ways. I specialize in working with trauma and PTSD, anxiety, grief, and relationship issues.

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wilderness therapy

Bringing psychotherapy to the outdoors is a passion of mine and something I’ve been doing for many years. The wilderness is inherently healing and offers a way to profoundly deepen your process. I offer short, half-day experiences and longer multi-day trips designed to help you in reaching your goals.